25 nov. 2011

'Buffering' - poze+download film

From the makers of Shank comes this fabulously quirky British comedy following a young gay couple who find one hell of a unique way to get themselves out their mounting debt problems – internet porn! Seb and Aaron are sick of trying hard to make ends meet so they decide to get creative and take matters into their own hands, by turning their bedroom into a porn studio and selling their wares online to sex-hungry consumers.

As their ‘performances’ become ever more popular the physical, emotional and industry demands start to take a toll on their relationship and it doesn’t help that the barely-clothed boy-next-door keeps causing a serious distraction! A deliciously light-hearted take on the consequences of unexpected sexual escapades, this is one sexy romp.

Regizori: Darren Flaxstone, Christian Martin
Actori: Alex Anthony, Conner Mckenzy, Jessica Matthews, Oliver Park, Bernie Hodges
An: 2011
Casa productie: TLA Releasing

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